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Changing class proccess

At English in Margate our priority is for each student to be in a class at a suitable level to enable them to make good progress. This is decided by the evaluation as part of your first day and monitored continuously during your stay by your teacher(s) and the Academic Manager.

If you feel that your class is too difficult or too easy for you please speak to your class teacher.

All requests for changes of class are considered by the teacher(s) concerned and the Academic Manager. The final decision rests with the Academic Manager.
The main criteria for moving a student are:

  • Is it the best thing for the student?
  • Is it the best thing for the class he/she is leaving?
  • Will the new class be inconvenienced by the new arrival?
  • How long is the student continuing in the school?

Each move is judged on an individual case-by-case basis.

If possible, all moves will take place on a Monday. However, in exceptional circumstances, we will move a student midweek.

We will not move a student because they “don’t like” a teacher or because they want to be with their friends.

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