Moving Out

Moving out of your accommodation and renting privately

Are you thinking of moving out of your homestay hosts accommodation and into a private flat?

This can sometimes be a great alternative, providing you with more independence BUT, before you do, please think of these questions to see if it is the right move for you:

  1. Who will you speak English to in the evenings?
  2. Who will cook your tea?
  3. Who will wash you clothes?
  4. Did you know you may have to pay a local tax?
  5. Do you know how much the gas, water, electricity will cost?
  6. Is the building, and your room, secure?
  7. How much is the rent?
  8. How safe is the local area after it gets dark?
  9. Must you buy furniture?
  10. Will you have an internet connection?
  11. Will you need to tell the local police?
  12. You will need to register with a local doctor?

If you have a problem in your homestay hosts, we can (and will) help. If you have a problem with a private landlord, we cannot.

Also, have you told us that you want to move? You must tell us two weeks before you leave the homestay hosts. If you do not, you will have to pay them, too!

The school must always know where you are staying. Please make sure you always tell the school your address whilst you study at the school.

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