Prices and the cost of living in Margate

Below are some approximate prices which we hope will give you an idea of the cost of living and costs associated with studying at English in Margate. Although we do our best to keep all prices updated we cannot always guarantee they are accurate.

    Course book deposit

  • You will be asked to pay a deposit of £20 for your course book on the first Tuesday of your course. This is returned to you on your last day when you return your unmarked course book.

  • Morrison’s supermarket – sandwich, crisps and
    drink: £3
  • Boots – sandwich, crisps/cake and drink: £2.99
  • Giorgios Italian restaurant light lunch menu: £6.80
  • Subway deal of the day: £3
  • Big Mac Meal: £3.79
    Pubs and clubs

  • A glass of Coca Cola: £2
  • A pint of beer: £3.5
  • Packet of 20 cigarettes: £6
    Entrance fees

  • Entry to Dover Castle: £15.80 with student card
  • Westwood Cinema ticket: £8.25 with student card
  • Carlton Cinema ticket: £2.50, £3.50 at the weekends
  • Shell Grotto: £3 with student card
  • Ten pin bowling: £3.95 per game
    (Special offer: 2 games per £6.90)
    Phones and mobile phones

  • A SIM card for yor mobile phone (your phone must already be unlocked) £5
  • A cheap ‘pay as you go’ mobile phone £20
    (Argos or Tesco)
  • International phone card: £5 – available from the bar

Transport and trips

  • Megarider weekly bus ticket for Thanet (Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate): £12.00 from reception
  • Megarider monthly bus ticket for Thanet (Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate): £42.00
  • Dayrider daily bus ticket for Thanet (Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate): £3.10
  • Bus to Cliftonville: £1.40 single
  • Bus trip to Broadstairs: £2.70 return
  • Bus trip to Canterbury: £5.90 return
  • School train trip to Canterbury: £3.55 return (supersaver ticket)
  • School train trip to Dover: £7.85 return at weekends (supersaver ticket)
  • School coach trip to Cambridge: £30
  • Train ticket to London at the weekend travelling as a group of 3 or more: £14.80 return (supersaver ticket)
  • National Express coach to London: £13 weekend return
  • Train and coach tickets are often much cheaper if you buy them on the internet in advance.


  • Essential English Grammar in Use: £14.50 – available at school
  • English Grammar in Use: £14.50 – available at school
  • English Vocabulary in Use: £18
  • Oxford Wordpower dictionary: £16 – available at school
  • Pad of writing paper: £2 (from W.H.Smiths)

  • Electrical adapter: £5
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