Query or Complaint

Student query and complaint procedure

We want to be approachable and available to listen to your feedback – both positive and negative.

If you have any complaints, the “order” should be:

  • Talk to your teacher or another member of staff
  • If your teacher cannot help you, talk to one of the managers. You can do this face-to-face or you can send them a Student Situation & Complaint Report
  • If they cannot help you, they can arrange for you to speak to another member of the management team or to the school owner
  • If you still feel that we have not provided you with the help or information you require, you can go to English UK: www.englishuk.com

Please tell us if you have questions or worries. If you do not tell us, we cannot help you! We want you to enjoy your time in Margate and to make as much progress as possible. Everything we do is designed to help you do that.

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